Expert Copywriting for Women-Centered Businesses.

“Let’s go girls.” -Shania Twain

Empowering Women is My Thing.

Hi there! I’m a copywriter who specializes in empowering women-centered brands to find their voice.

Because women deserve the absolute best.

Because as a female copywriter, I get it.

Because women supporting women is what makes us even stronger.

Whether your business is created with women in mind, or if you are a badass woman entrepreneur, I’m here to help your brand speak for itself!

The Power of Words: How Expert Copywriting Can Help You

We’ve always been told that our words hold power, but did you know that they can also make you money?

My job as a copywriter is to help you show your potential customers just how incredible your product or services are. By making your website SEO-optimized and compelling, you will reach more people and your sales will increase. Book a call and we can talk about how I can help!

From Tired Teacher to Strong, Capable Copywriter

I’m Morgan Grifski, and I’m an empowered woman who wants to work with empowered women! I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember, and now I’m using my writing to help businesses—like yours—save time and make more money.

After years in the classroom and telling my students to follow their dreams, I decided that it was time to follow my own. Helping people has always been my passion, and if teaching has taught me anything, it’s how to help people reach their goals–in fact it was my favorite part of teaching!

I’ve always had love for women’s rights (when will men realize that we run the world?), and I used to tell my female students that women need to support each other. As the saying goes: when women support one another, magical things can happen!

When Working with a Badass Professional Copywriter, You Can Expect:

  • Expertly written copy that is researched and SEO optimized (to get on that front page of Google, baby!)
  • A copywriter who is organized, timely, and loves working on teams. I listen to what my clients are looking for and tailor your copy for your clients.
  • More time to work on what you love, more money in the bank, and less on your plate!

My Services


Build trust and authority with an SEO-optimized blog that helps your website rank higher in Google!

Starting at $200


Communicate clearly with your leads and build a relationship of trust that will result in sales!

Starting at $75

Website Content

Inform potential leads about your business with an SEO-optimized website that ranks higher in Google!

Starting at $300

Landing Pages

Boost sales by motivating leads to “act now” and make a purchase immediately and from that location.

Starting at $500


Keep your customers up-to-date on events, new products, and changes in your business with a newsletter!

Starting at $250

Product Descriptions

Earn sales by motivating leads to make a purchase with clear and catchy product descriptions!

Starting at $50

Social Media Ads

Acquire new leads from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with an opt-in or call-to-action!

Starting at $50


I love to promote small businesses. Get a combination of services and receive a discount!

Ask Me About My Bundles

How it Works:

Consultation Call

Book a free 30-minute call to discuss your marketing needs and to see if we would make a good fit.


After we decide that we are a good fit, I’ll send you a proposal detailing services and pricing. Once I receive the 50% down payment, I’ll get to work!

Beautiful Results

After receiving your copy, you can get two rounds of edits prior to the final payment.

My Portfolio

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Want to work together? Send me a message, and I will get back to you! 🙂

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